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My Precision Nutrition Journal: Still Going

(This is part of a series about my Precision Nutrition experience. Click here to start at the beginning)

I wonder if there is statistical information about how long most people last before falling off the wagon on a new nutrition approach? I’m going to bet 2 days is pretty accurate. I had hoped to jump right into precision nutrition, but the reality is, it’s a lot. It is a complete program, and with a complete comes a lot of information, and likely, a lot of changes.
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My Precision Nutrition Journal: Removing baggage

Yesterday was my first full day of “PN eating” (click here to read about it). It was pretty good. I have not technically fully started yet, as I am still going through the binder, and have not gone through the goals and measurement portion – which is important. I will be doing that this weekend. I do like that I could get started before doing that though.

Yesterday I ate well. A tasty omelet before work, a shake mid-morning, chicken with chick peas and a mediterranean salad for lunch, then a post-workout shake, chicken with quinoa and spinach for dinner, and then some steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries for my final snack of the day. All in all, it was pretty good.
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High Protein Bread Review

I was chatting with Mike at the Fit Shop and he was very keen on the protein bread. I wouldn’t call myself keen, but I was definitely intrigued. I’m generally not a member of the “carbs are bad” fan club, and so whole grain bread is a part of my diet. It’s not an enormous part, but it is a part. But I know many people who stay away from bread either for fat loss reasons or because they feel lethargic when they eat bread. And because I love to stand on a soapbox and talk about all things exercise and nutrition, doing a review of this high protein bread for my blog was an obvious next step. Continue reading High Protein Bread Review

The last words on Sodium, Soup and Health Check

This is another follow-up to my previous two posts about sodium and the Health Check label.

The first was about high sodium content of Heinz soups, and the second addressed sodium levels in products with the Health Check logo.

In short, I was driven to correspond with both Heinz and the Heart & Stroke Foundation (who run the Health Check program) after being shocked at the high sodium content of Smart Ones soup. This lead me to identify reporting irregularities in nutrition information posted online. I have received correspondence from both parties that do address this issue. I’ve included copies of both letters below. And for those who are in a hurry, here’s the tweet-sized version:
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More on Sodium in Soup and Health Check (TM)

Last week I posted about an email “conversation” with Heinz Canada about the high sodium content of their soups, which lead me to the discovery that they were making incorrect health claims on their website. They state that their tomato juice “is endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Health Check™ logo”, but upon further inspection, it has too much sodium to meet the requirements of the Health Check program. I emailed both the Heart and Stroke Foundation (they run the Health Check program) and Heinz about this finding, and I heard back from the Heart and Stroke Foundation within a couple of days. I have yet to hear back from Heinz. Here is the H&S Foundation reply:
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A clear answer from Heinz about sodium in their soup

I sent the following letter to Heinz Canada after almost buying a can of their soup, but then putting it back because of the alarming sodium levels. Their answer follows…

My email to Heinz:

“Can you please tell me why your soups have so much sodium? I almost bought your Southwestern vegetable soup today but then I saw the label and put it back. 820mg of sodium in a 60 cal serving? Wow! Im not sure Ive ever seen another food that is so sodium dense. Seriously! So 3% of daily calories has 34% of daily sodium?
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Snack time! What are you eating?

I snack. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I try to snack a bit less often, and I try to keep most of my snacks relatively healthy. But snacks definitely have a place in my life.

Delicious fro-yoFor a while I was on a mission to find those great tasting snacks that are still reasonable in terms of calories. And boy did I find some. Ever had Chapman’s Frozen Yogurt? Wow. It’s seriously tasty. I recently had some Caramel Pecan Crunch. I’m amazed that it tastes that good at only 140 calories per 1/2 cup serving. I was thinking that this is amazing – basically the same nutritional impact as boring old yogurt, but tastes like ice cream (seriously – it’s good). Obviously this has to be a regular snack item.

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Just Say No to Your Cravings…Sometimes

I had an epiphany earlier today. Here goes: for most of people, weight loss is really very simple. I don’t believe it involves evaluating the many, many, many diets and nutrition plans out there. Success and failure can be had with any of them. There are some long term studies that show one version is marginally better than the other, but the reality is that the majority of people who try them, do not succeed. So we as a society have tried every possible diet under the sun but none of them work.

The epiphany that I had is that the reason we’re failing is so very simple. It’s not the program; it’s us. We don’t know how to say No to ourselves. Continue reading Just Say No to Your Cravings…Sometimes

3 meals that pack a full day’s “nutrition”

I call them FDC meals. That is, Full Day’s Calories (FDC) meals. I suspect there are many meals that fit the bill, but here are 3 that I’ve eaten. Often after I eat out, I come home and check the nutritional data. Call it a hobby. Strangely I was a bit surprised at some of the numbers here. I have presented them here as a single day’s “three square meals”. Imagine if you at the following in one day:

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