If you’ve ever wondered whether you should do some sort of warmup before a day of skiing, I can provide a simple answer for you: Yes. What you should do is a bit more of a challenge. To help with this, I have created a video that shows a set of 9 activation exercises and dynamic stretches that will help to prepare your body for the ski day ahead.

Each exercise can be done on snow, in your boots, and the only equipment you need is your poles. The warm-up includes:
– Pectoral stretch
– Lower trapezius activation
– Thoracic spine rotational stretch
– Fore-aft leg swings
– Rotational leg swings
– Psoas activation
– Glute medius activation
– Lunge stretch with lateral reach
– Lateral squat with hip rotation

Do 5 reps of each exercise on each side with a 2-3 second hold for each. Then follow it up with an easy run to get a feel for the skis and the conditions. Move a lot during that first run – think 1000 steps and exagerated and repeated flexions/extensions (small/tall). Try a few hockey stops and a few roller blade turns. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy the fact that you’re spending the day doing he best activity on earth.

When you’re back at home or in the hotel room, think about foam rolling: your body will thank you tomorrow if you do. If you’re not familiar with foam rolling, check out this downloadable sheet of foam rolling exercises.

If you want to get in better shape for this ski season, check out my ski training ebook.




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