Vibrams are the new Air Jordan’s. Everyone is either wearing them or wondering about them. That’s because barefoot training is where it’s at. Well, not truly barefoot. If it was really barefoot, well, you wouldn’t be wearing footwear at all. Misnomer or not, barefoot training is the cool new kid on the training block.

And Vibram Fivefingers are the coolest of the cool, when it comes to barefoot, or minimalist, footwear for training. Some like them for running, while others keep them in the gym.

“Barefoot training” is catching on for a reason! People don’t just wear the Vibrams because they look stupid. They wear them because we have a need to train our feet as they are an important part of our body. Over a quarter of our bones are in our feet, and the feet and ankles combined have over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments1. In other words – there’s a lot going on in our shoes. Or I should say – there’s a lot that should be going on, but because the shoes we wear are so supportive, there’s actually not much going on at all. We need to change that. It’s time to take back the muscles in our feet!

I’m about to share with you…a secret. About an amazing product…that lets you train your feet while you train your body!

It’s a truly remarkable product, at an incredible price.

And you won’t even have to scroll down 25 more times to find out what it is!

Am I talking about Vibrams? No, sir!

Am I talking about Nike Frees? No, Maam!

I am talking about an incredible product that allows you to train your feet freely at a price that’s so low, you’re going to think I’m making this up!

This unlimited time, non-exclusive offer allows you to get started with your barefoot training TODAY, at an INCREDIBLE 98% off the price of Vibrams!!!!

No, that’s NOT A TYPO!

This amazing product that allows you to train your feet is so cheap it’s practically free.

Not sure you care about training your feet?

Did you know that activating your feet can help activate your glutes? True story. So true that it needs no fancy referencing.

Where was I?

This awesome new product will help you get you great glutes and great feet. And don’t worry – we’re talking foot muscle tone, here, not size!

This amazing product is called…SOCKS! (click here for pronunciation).  
I personally found the great socks pictured below at Value Village for $1.29, but they are actually available in many other stores too. Best to call first before you head to your local clothing or sports store, to make sure they have caught on to this new sock phenomenon.


How to get started with barefoot training

How can you use socks in your training? I suggest most people start by wearing them (without shoes) for their warmup only. Particularly those who wear orthotics or very supportive shoes.  Once you have worn your socks for your warmup for a couple of weeks, you may choose to try a few additional exercises in them. A couple of things to think about:

  1. make sure the floor or training area is safe from objects that could cut your feet. Vibrams do provide a bit of extra protection for this, but most socks do not.
  2. dropping heavy metal on a sock-foot hurts. A lot. Be careful.
  3. make sure you have adequate grip for what you are doing. If you are doing agility work or plyometrics, socks may not be the best option, and you may want to wear shoes.
  4. I wouldn’t suggest wearing socks for running, both because of the danger of cuts and for wear.

Come back soon for more articles about technology advances in training.

Elsbeth Vaino is an FMS certified personal trainer in Ottawa, Canada.




  1. You included this link in a SC discussion. Nice job and you’re so right about saving money on the five fingers and wearing socks. For most exercises it makes sense.

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