I am not really a fan of vision/mission/values statements. Maybe it’s because in a previous career, I worked in a big corporation that spent way too much time thinking of these statements in isolation, without any real concern about whether they really reflect what the company is about, or whether the employees and clients relate to them. So when someone suggested on strengthcoach.com that there should be a “principles” statement for the site, I was pretty quick to poo-poo it.

Then Michael Boyle posted his manifesto and I was immediately converted. It was brilliant and I think so important that every trainer and every person who hires a trainer should read it.

Three simple statements with a brief but important description beneath each. Here are the statements. Please head to Coach Boyle’s blog for the descriptions:

“1- First we will do no harm.”
“2- We will train no further than technical failure.”
“3- We will deliver the minimal effective dose”


Here’s the full blog article. If you work out, have a trainer, attend boot camp, are a trainer, read it. It will only take a minute: Our Manifesto by Michael Boyle.

Elsbeth Vaino is a personal trainer in Ottawa, Canada.

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