Question: Name the three most versatile items in existence.

Baking soda is so incredible that it kind of freaks me out. Is there anything more impressive?

  • Clean your teeth.
  • Bake a cake.
  • Deodorize your fridge.
  • Tenderize meat.
  • Treat a burn.
  • Make a bomb.

I mean, how can one thing do all that?


What can’t you fix with duct tape? Gloves, ski boots, furniture, dolls. And those are not even the manly fixes. Any self-respecting man probably has three times as many items on their I’ve fixed it with duct tape list. And if you’re a Canadian Red neck, there’s no limit to what you can make with it. Oh, and apparently it can also be used on ducts.


Fish oil is truly a miracle food.  Is there anything else that can do all this?

  • Enhances brain function.
  • Helps your cardio-respiratory system.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect for your joints.
  • Potential benefit for depression.
  • Improves your body composition.


Have you ever thought there was something missing in your life? Maybe you’ve tried to fill that void with religion? Or family? Meaningful work maybe? Didn’t work, did it? It’s probably because you didn’t have baking soda, duct tape and fish oil in your life. Go get some and watch how quickly things turn around for you.



  1. Cool! But I wonder – if baking soda and vinegar combine to make a bomb, does that mean you’d really have to make sure the baking soda shampoo was well-rinsed out before you put in the vinegar conditioner?

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