1. Ketchup on eggs

Photo credit: Pierre-Olivier
Bacon smiles > ketchup smiles

2. People who don’t like mango, coriander or avocados

Photo credit: Wicked Little Cake Company
Mango, avocado & coriander salsa – haters to the left, please.

3. Margarine

Photo credit: 1950sUnlimited
39 drops!

4. Choosing muffins over doughnuts

390 cal for the muffin or 250 cal for the double chocolate donut. Just sayin'.
Photo credit: roboppy
390 cal for the muffin or 250 cal for the double chocolate doughnut. Just sayin’.

5. American cheese

Photo Credit: west.m
Seriously…is it even food?

6. Pasta served with a side of bread

photo credit: firsttubedotcom

7. French Salad Dressing

French dressing?
Photo credit: ftzdomino
French dressing?

8. People who think Tim Horton’s coffee is “the good stuff”

Photo credit: MaxMahem
(this guy does)

9. White chocolate

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 4.14.12 PM
Photo credit: Sybren Stuvel
Just no.

10. Why most commercial soup stock is full of salt

990  mg per 10 calorie serving. Really?
Photo credit:?2fs
990 mg per 10 calorie serving. Really?

11. “But it was low fat, so it’s healthier”

Photo Credit: wiccked
Ya, the myth of low fat makes me want to hide too.

12. Light beer

Ah, now I get it.
Photo credit: abusx
Ah, now I get it.

13. Buying bottled municipal water (Aquafina, Dasani)

Photo credit: FollowFranco
Get it?

14. Movie theater popcorn is sold in sizes medium, large, and extra large

Not. Enough. Popcorn.
Photo credit: tigersdontbite
“Medium: the middle quality or state between two extremes”

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