[updated January 2022]


The next round of The Core Is The Core (TCITC) 30 day challenge starts…next week!

What’s it about?

  • Working your core
  • Getting stronger
  • Feeling awesome
  • Friendly competition
  • Learning new core exercises
  • Understanding that core is more than just abs

How does it work?

Step 1: Wait with bated breath for me to announce the actual start date (likely Wed Jan 26th)

Step 2: Do 4 core exercises every day for 30 days:

  • 1 for the anterior (front) core, like a plank
  • 1 for the lateral (side) core, like a side plank
  • 1 for the posterior (backside) core, like a glute bridge
  • 1 combo core, which is an exercise that isn’t usually considered a core exercise but that has a lot of core to it, like push-ups


We’ll even send you a (very brief) email each day of the program with a video of a great core exercise that you may not know about (or if you’re not into getting emailed, we’ll post them on Instagram, Facebook and on slack (for clients of Custom Strength).

Step 3:  Promise that if any of the exercises hurt, you won’t keep doing them. That whole “no pain, no gain” is not quite right.  

Step 4:  Keep tabs on how you’re doing (details on options to follow).

Step 5:  Feel good about yourself for being so awesome.

That’s it. That’s all. What could be more simple?


Check back here on Tuesday January 25th (2022), or follow me on Instagram or Custom Strength on Facebook


  1. So ready for this. Running and biking are great, but I have lost so much strength in my core/ upper body over the past year!

  2. I just drove by the studio on Holland a couple of hours ago. Looked at it and thought I got to get in there and check it out. I just live on the south side off Holland so location is great!
    Last time I was in your facility it was near Preston. Timing wasn’t right as I had a tender rotator cuff injury (and subsequent repair)
    I was to have a left knee replacement yesterday which was cancelled and will be rescheduled (likely getting a call sometime in June). I’m hoping they will be okay if I wait until September now. These core exercises are great timing!

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