The following video is a clip from a presentation I gave at the Ottawa Ski Show two years ago about training for skiing. I’ll be sharing a few more clips on topics related to training for skiing over the next few weeks.  Each one is less than 5 minutes (I think – or close to), and covers a topic related to skiing and training.

I’ll post videos about the following over the next few weeks:

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Want to actually be in shape before you strap on your skis this year? My Fitness For Skiers ebook will do just that. Well, technically the book won’t get you in shape. You’ll get yourself in shape if you follow the program in the book.

ebook cover

Fitness for Skiers: 12 Week Ski-Specific Training Program




Elsbeth Vaino is a ski instructor and personal trainer in Canada who believes skiing makes winter.



  1. I think this is essential training for anyone serious about skiing. It is time people realised that many injuries can be avoided.

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