There are often articles that pop up in newspapers and blogs, and on the health segments of television news shows that explain the health problems people who wear high heels will likely face. Inevitably they include a stylized x-ray image of a woman’s foot with highlights of the pain and damage points. Probably the people who write, produce, and share those images and articles think it will scare women into wearing more sensible shoes. I wonder if anyone has been convinced by those messages? My guess is very few.

Maybe there’s a better way. What if this was the message:

Keep wearing these in your 30s…

Photo credit: ChodHound on Flickr
Photo credit: ChodHound on Flickr

And you’ll be stuck wearing these in your 40s…

Photo credit: Purblind on Flickr
Photo credit: Giles Clark on Flickr

Scary stuff!


Elsbeth Vaino, CSCS, is a personal trainer in Ottawa, Canada


  1. Speaking from a male perspective (be nice now), there are few things as sexy as a shapely leg in a beautiful pair of heels, but as many things we practice in life, moderation is the key. There is a place and time for it.

    Now a days, there are many flats that are good looking, and on a well toned leg, and matched with the right outfit and a wonderful attitude, it can be as sexy.

    The one key factor I can think of to advise to women who live in high heels is to choose a wide toe box model. It will give your toes the space they need to splay out and avoid pinching and other serious issues. It will also help with your balance giving you fool forefoot contact on each step taken.

    Just my 2cents 😉

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