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It’s about all those other internet “core” challenges out there…

There’s the one where you do situps, bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, and planks. And the one where you do crunches, leg raises, and planks. Guess what all of those exercises have in common? They all work the same muscle. And with the exception of the plank, they’re not particularly great options for working it. In fact some of you will end up having a sore back from the daily crunches and leg raises. Don’t worry, it probably won’t be serious, and will probably go away after you stop. And most of you won’t get a sore back at all, which is nice. If you’ve got a back that doesn’t get sore from lots of crunches and leg raises, then cool, do that program. Unless you recognize that your core also includes the muscles along the side of your core, and the muscles at the back of your core. You know, the whole we’re not cartoon characters, we actually have 3 dimensions thing. Ya, so if you’re one of the 3 dimensional people, then maybe don’t do that program.


Introducing a Core Challenge for People who Aren’t Cartoon Drawings

I created the 30 Day The Core is The Core challenge after getting irritated by a core challenge being passed around by my Facebook and Twitter friends. Like the ones referenced above that got me riled up today, it was all about the  “six pack” muscles at the front of the core. There is so much more to the core! And here’s the amazing thing, and the part that makes me feel the need for a rant every time I see one of those crappy challenges: If you work your whole core, you’ll see improvements in how you feel in general, in how you look, in sports performance, and for some of you even in your low back health.


7 Reasons You Should Do The Core is The Core 30 Day Challenge

  1. It won’t contribute to your “CEO posture”.
  2. It will make you more awesome.
  3. It will make you feel stronger in a more balanced way.
  4. You will be introduced to a series of fantastic core exercises you may never have seen before.
  5. It’s a challenge!
  6. it’s accessible. In other words – you can do this challenge successfully whether your current plank-ability is 5 seconds or 5 minutes.
  7. It’s free.


How does it work?

Step 1Register.

Step 2: Do 4 core exercises every day for 30 days:

  • 1 for the anterior (front) core, like a plank
  • 1 for the lateral (side) core, like a bird dog
  • 1 for the posterior (backside) core, like a glute bridge
  • 1 combo core, which is an exercise that isn’t usually considered a core exercise but that has a lot of core to it, like push-ups



We’ll even send you a (very brief) email each day of the program with a video of a great core exercise that you may not know about.

Not sure what exercises to do each day? We’ll give you a recommendation each day, with an idea of a target time or number of reps for those with advanced and beginner cores.

Step 3: Log your results using our easy save-able pdf tracking form – it barely takes a minute.

Step 4:  Bask in your new-found awesomeness. 

You’re probably reading this thinking you know, that makes sense. Yes! It makes sense because it is sensible! Meanwhile working just the abs makes no sense at all! Especially for those of you who have desk jobs – you’re sitting on your butt, trying to turn it into your best impression of a pancake, but then when you go to work your core, you don’t want to work that too? I mean, I guess if your goal is a Montgomery Burns posture, then go for it. And if you think about it, Bill Gates has the same posture, so maybe it’s something to strive for? So, if your goal is CEO posture, then for sure go do one of those 30 day ab-only challenges. Say it with me: Ex-cellent.

For everyone else, maybe you want to sign-up for The Core is The Core 30 day challenge.

The challenge starts the day after you sign-up.


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