The Core Is The Core 30 Day Challenge has a cool new twist! In addition to challenging yourself to make it the full 30 days (28 days actually as you get 2 days off), this time you can also challenge your friends! Here’s how that works:

Step 1. Ask your friend if they mind being challenged.

Step 2. Sign up for the challenge (too obvious?). Here’s the registration form if you’re not already signed up (it’s free), and here are some details about the program in case you’re scratching your head.

Step 3. Go to the Custom Strength Facebook page and write “I challenge (tag your friend) to the Core Is The Core Challenge”, or if your friend is not on Facebook, then write that in the comments below this post. You can challenge up to 3 people.

Step 4. Your friend must confirm acceptance of the challenge by replying to your post or comment with a “challenge accepted” either on the FB comment or in the comments below.

Step 5. Your friend must also sign-up (even more obvious?).

In addition to tracking how you do against the calendar (28 submissions required for the coveted Winner’s Circle), we’ll also track how well you do against your friend(s), and report back at the end of the program so you’ll know who is more awesome. What? Are you questioning the contention that doing better on a core challenge correlates with being more awesome? Show me one study that disputes this claim.

Head here for details and a sign-up link for the next The Core Is The Core 30 Day Challenge.

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