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Welcome to my new project: The Coaching Exercise Video Library. As the title says, it is a library of videos about how to coach exercise. My goal with this project is to share some of the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered from coaching my own clients, talking with great coaches, attending seminars and courses, reading books and articles, and watching videos. While there is an extraordinary amount of great information on the internet about exercise (as well as lots of not so great information), I started to realize that most of this information is about new exercise variations, in depth explanations of exercises, applications for exercises, and of course people lifting impressive loads. But there’s not a lot of basic instruction about how to cue exercise, about typical ways people perform the exercise, and finally, about different cueing and coaching options to correct form. Thus the Coaching Exercise video library was born.

Here’s that intro in video form:

What you’ll find in the Coaching Exercise video library

There are four principles I aim to uphold as I create the videos (in addition to quality of course – that is implied):
1. The videos will be brief. Most will be 60 to 90 seconds long, with the occasional video coming in at 2 minutes.
2. I will add two to four new videos to the library each week (subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to be notified)
3. The library will also include videos about coaching itself. Remember we are coaching people in how to do exercise; we are not coaching exercise. This means it’s important that we know how to coach people in addition to being able to coach exercise.
4. There will be an overlying organizational structure so that you can find what you’re looking for without having to do several searches and scroll through pages of results.

The organization is accomplished in three ways:
– I have created playlists within my youtube channel, one for each major topic covered. As new coaching exercise videos are added to the library, they will also be added to the appropriate playlist
– The videos are tagged which should facilitate searches
– This post contains a list of the playlists and a list of the exercise videos, sorted alphabetically and into headings. This list will be updated weekly with the new additions. Scroll down for both. If you want to be sure you can always find them, this might be a good time to bookmark this page.

My background (aka why it just makes sense that I created this video library)
I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to train a very diverse population that includes athletes, seniors, those with rehab needs (usually referred by their health care practitioner), people with obesity, teenagers, desk jockeys, labourers…the list goes on and on. It has made my job very interesting and educational. I have also had the pleasure of attending seminars and courses taught by some of the best trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and professors in the world; and am even luckier to count some of them as friends. Add to this experience the fact that I was an engineer before I became a trainer, and it means I have an inner “I must see what’s wrong and fix this” guidance system. Lastly, I spent 10 years as a ski instructor, and another 5 years coaching hockey and ultimate. My experience as a ski instructor, and the teaching they provide about how to coach is probably the single biggest contributor to my success as a trainer, and to my ability to create this Coaching Exercise Video Library.

The Coaching Exercise video library table of playlists
This section includes an ordered listing of the playlists you’ll find in the Coaching Exercise video library. It is updated weekly.

The complete coaching exercise video library (all videos in the library)

Be a better coach
Half-Kneeling Exercises
Inverted rows (TRX)
Split squats

The Coaching Exercise video library table of videos
This section includes an ordered listing of the individual videos you’ll find in the Coaching Exercise video library. It is updated weekly.

Coaching: How to progress exercise
Coaching: If the exercise doesn’t look or feel right
Coaching: when to push and when to hold back

Deadlift (Initial cues)
Deadlift (Equipment to make it more accessible)
Deadlift (Grip options)
Deadlift (Height off the floor)
Deadlift (Progress to the bar)
Deadlift (If the low back rounds)
Deadlift (Positioning the hips)
Deadlift (When the Knees do too much)

Half-kneeling (cueing better position)
Half-kneeling (soft tissue limitations)
Half-kneeling (structural limitations)

Half-kneeling cable press
Half-kneeling cable press (hips flexed)
Half-kneeling cable press (ribs flared)
Half-kneeling cable press (shoulder alignment)

Split Squat
Split Squat (flaring ribcage)
Split Squat (back-leg dominance v2)
Split Squat (back-leg dominance v2)

TRX Inverted Row
TRX Inverted Row (hips elevated)
TRX Inverted Row (neck juts forward)
TRX Inverted Row (neck juts forward v2)

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