I know some trainers who won’t work with a client unless they’re willing to train at least three times per week, and I’ve had other trainers tell me that working out once per week is a waste of time.

Here are some comments I’ve received from clients who work out once per week:
“My training has given me confidence in my body’s abilities, and a general familiarity with all that my body can do. Strengthening one area even while limited in another has kept me feeling like a strong person overall instead of like a quitter. That means everything to me.”

“SI joint pain intensity and frequency is 5% of what it was prior to training. Did not miss work due to SI pain in the past year. Noticeable core strength and general well-being.”

“I don’t know if I can do justice to just how much I’ve benefitted from training at Custom Strength. I came in physically and emotionally broken. I didn’t trust my body to even get me through simple day-to-day tasks, and I was terrified to start strength training. I started with the basics and quickly felt at ease. Eight months later, my confidence is sky high and I feel strong and capable again. Training at Custom Strength taught me that the body is incredibly resilient and the best thing you can do for it is keep it strong and fit. ”

“After only 4 weeks of training with Elsbeth, and having a very specific work out routine developed for my back problems, my sciatica symptoms have disappeared. Can you imagine? This is incredible!”

And from clients who workout twice weekly:

“Benefits way beyond my expectations – you keep quietly challenging and motivating me, moving me to levels I never expected – or dreamed about. This training has moved into every part of my life, at a time when arthritis, normal wear-and-tear had been increasingly impacting me, almost without me being aware of the extent to which I was limiting myself. ”

“I feel like I’m a more balanced athlete, stronger not just for my main sport but for an active life in general.”

“I’m so much stronger, and for so little time investment! i see so much progress, and without hurting myself! ”

I try not to be that person who writes articles that disparage others, but in this case, I am because I think there are people who don’t workout because they believe there’s no point unless they find the time to workout three times per week. It’s not true! You can benefit from working out once or twice per week. And odds are the benefits will be bigger than what you imagine.

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So, if you’ve ever thought that you should start working out but haven’t managed to find the time or resolve to do it at least three times per week; reframe that to whether you have the time and resolve to workout once or twice per week. If you do, go find yourself a good trainer (who will work with you once or twice per week) and get started. If you’re anything like my clients (you probably are), you’ll start to notice little (positive) impacts within a few weeks, and over time you’ll continue to notice a few more, and a few more…

Elsbeth Vaino is a personal trainer in Ottawa who loves introducing people to the benefits of exercise.

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  1. Thanks, Sarah! And totally – there are some performance goals that won’t be met with once or twice weekly training. But it’s also pretty impressive what can be accomplished, over time, in just one or two times per week. Like how you crush push-ups and pull-ups!

  2. You know what Elsbeth – probably the benefits of once or twice vs 3-4 x are in large part due to your style of training compared to other trainers. Also, to the clients’ goals. The 3-4x per week-ers are probably looking for a higher level of fitness as opposed to general health and well-being.

    I always hated the gym. But once I started training at your gym it was completely different from my past experiences in a gym. There was purpose and structure to it, and the benefits were evident (probably because the training was linked to the goal). And going from once to twice per week has also made a difference. But it’s also important to highlight how the habits formed in the gym are then implemented into your daily life and those benefits compound. Like, standing better (with ribs down) or squatting to sit down and get back up or bending over in the kitchen or lifting something – whatever movements we are already doing on a day to day, we learn to make them better in the gym.

    thanks for all you do! and for your motivation!

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