You read it here first. I’m writing a book. The book is about training around injuries. So really, it’s pretty much sharing what me and the awesome trainers I work with at Custom Strength do every day.

Technically I’ve actually been writing this book for many years. I want to say five years, but I think it’s actually more than that. I started with great enthusiasm. And then, you know, I got side-tracked. Then I started again. Stopped again. Etc. Life got busy. Etc. Repeat.

I’ve been back to writing daily many times before, but this time it feels different. For one thing, Custom Strength is doing very well. Something about “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” I think. We survived five closures totalling 48 weeks since March 2020 and somehow, we’ve come out of that busier than ever, with a better team than ever, and with a better gym setup than ever. The team part is the big one. A friend recently asked me if I have a hard time trusting my team such that I can be away from the gym without worry. I answered with a big smile on my face and an enthusiastic “nope!” The greatness of the people I get to work with is the reason I think I’ll actually get the book finished this time. They are so good that I now have time to spend writing.

As part of this, I’m also learning how to market myself because I’d like more than five or six people to read the book once it’s done. Writing a book is daunting, but marketing myself and “growing my audience” is like five times more daunting. But it’s time, and so here we go.

If you’re interested in reading what I have to say about training around injuries, or if you just want to follow along my book writing and promotion process, sign up for my newsletter. The newsletter will come out weekly (or so) and will include either an exercise tip or an excerpt from my book (which let’s face it, is also going to be an exercise tip) and some will also include my thoughts and updates about this whole process.

More to come – unless I fall off the bandwagon again. (But I don’t think that’ll happen this time).

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