Is it a glute bridge?

Is it a glute bridge?

This all makes sense because the human body is an example of a brilliantly designed system. Any engineer will tell you that good design includes backup options. The human is designed such that more than one muscle (or muscle group) can accomplish a task.

A variation on a new glute bridge variation

While glute bridges seem like an easy exercise (lie on your back, lift your butt up. how hard can it be?), the reality for many is that they feel glute bridges everywhere but their butt. When I ask clients where they feel a glute bridge, I often get some combination of hamstrings, back, quads, and abs. This is not everyone – some people do glute bridges and feel their glutes – but it is more than the minority.

Coaching Exercise Video Library

1. The videos will be brief. Most will be 60 to 90 seconds long, with the occasional video coming in at 2 minutes.
2. I will add two to four new videos to the library each week (subscribe to my ” title=”customstrength youtube”>youtube channel if you want to be notified)
3. The library will also include videos about coaching itself. Remember we are coaching people in how to do exercise; we are not coaching exercise. This means it’s important that we know how to coach people in addition to being able to coach exercise.
4. There will be an overlying organizational structure so that you can find what you’re looking for without having to do several searches and scroll through pages of results.

Foam rolling the adductors

Foam rolling the adductors

I used the analogy of the spare tire on your car – it gets you there, but it’s not as good as a full tire (unless your spare is a full tire, but you know I’m referring to cars with the mini spare tire). Same deal with muscles in the body – when a muscle is doing it’s secondary job, it tends to not be as good at it. If you continue driving on the spare tire, it’s going to either seriously limit your speed, or it’s going to blow. Same goes for when a muscle is consistently asked to do it’s secondary function in addition to it’s main function.

Improving pullup-ability

– They help improve your pullup endurance. This is key when increasing your pullup numbers. If you’re in the 5 to 10 range, then a set of pullups is actually quite a long, especially if you have long arms. That means it’s not just about strength; it’s about endurance. The 1.5 partial pullups allow you to spend more time doing pullups with a little less effort, which can help improve your staying power.

Addressing poor shoulder movement

It’s a concept of how we should position our shoulder when doing any sort of lifting with our arms. Now some will say that this is ridiculous – we just move our arms and that’s how they should move. I could get behind that line of thinking. Except for one thing: many of the people that come and train with me don’t actually position their shoulder properly when moving their arms, and then they complain of pain or discomfort in their shoulder or neck when doing exercises like pushups, rows, and planks. But when I help them to position their shoulder properly, they proceed to exercise without pain or discomfort.