3 Tips for Healthy(ish) Holiday Eating

‘Tis indeed a season full of tempting treats. How about this year, we choose a better option to enjoy the holidays? With that in mind, here are my 3 tips for enjoying a healthy-ish holiday:

Pizza and beer for weight loss?

The reality is that we have different goals, desires, expectations, and bodies. We also have big differences in how easy or hard certain changes are for us. It only makes sense that the optimal lifestyle plan for each of us is unique.

My Daily Pizza: Observations from the first two weeks

As I pondered the ingredients, I wondered: Was it possible to eat pizza every day without affecting my physical goals? I don’t have any aspirations for six pack abs and am quite content with a bit of “padding”, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my ability to enjoy playing my favourite sports or affect my confidence in how I look.

I realized it would be fun to find out, so I embarked on this “research project”. The response from Facebook suggests that I am not alone in wishing for the freedom to eat pizza daily.

How to eat the foods you love without consequence

I smiled as I returned to the living room empty handed. I wasn’t actually hungry, so I didn’t feel deprived for leaving the chocolate in the cupboard. The smile was because I had just schooled myself in one of the key habits I encourage in the get lean program I created: When making food decisions, taste is an important consideration. As part of that program, I encourage those taking it to make two lists:

Weigh less and exercise more?

Are you a new year’s resolution person? Have any for this year? Are they related to weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise? If so, I have 3 suggestions I’d like share:

Carb tolerance related to geography?

Carb tolerance related to geography?

“People living in historically agricultural societies like Japan had, on average, seven copies of AMY1, while people near the arctic circle in places like Yakut, Russia had, on average, four copies of AMY1.”

8 Pre-Requisites for Fat Loss

The third thing to remember about goal setting is that you really need to break it into bits. If your goal involves losing 50 pounds, break that down into 5 or 10 pound chunks. That means you’ll be thinking about 5 to 10 week periods. Celebrate each mini victory along the way. This is crucial because our brain works like the economy. Your brain evaluates rewards using a net present value principle.

If you love red wine like I do and are trying to cut back…

Fact#2: drinking a glass of red wine every night is reasonably healthy. Moderation and lots of antioxidants and whatnot.

Fact#3: going out once or twice a week and drinking 2 or 3 glasses of red wine is reasonably healthy. That moderation thing again.

Problem: Implementing Fact#2 and Fact#3 in the same week activates the Cumulative Moderation Effect (CME).