Workouts are more fun when you succeed

But here’s the secret that can hook even these weirdos who don’t love working out: Making progress is awesome. And when you work out for a while – usually it only takes a few weeks – you make progress. And hopefully you realize that you’re only on the first few steps of a long path filled with a lot of progress. And that means lots of feel good moments in your future.

Stop Confusing Your Muscles

It is important to acknowledge adaptation theory when doing exercise, but here’s the key problem with P90X, insanity, and any workout that involves always shocking your body with new exercises: It takes time for your body to adapt, and it is during that adaptation period that you improve. If you are always shocking your body, then you are not allowing your body to get stronger.

Better Back Pack Posture?

After I noticed my posture, I moved the pack to my front for the remainder of the walk home. It only took a few seconds before I felt taller. I could actually feel my back muscles working to stabilize me. When I lost my posture and started to let my shoulders round, the back pack became a bit loose and was awkward to wear, which immediately made me shift my shoulders back. Amazing.

Movement Assessment for Skiers

Have you ever wondered if your movement on land was limited? That maybe that was limiting your ability to move well on skis? If yes, try the movements in this video. If you find that you have trouble with any of these movements, or that they feel differently from one side to the other, you have a limitation. The key to this approach is recognizing that there are both functional and structural alignment issues. Assessment and exercise are your best option if the problem you have is functional. If the problem is structural, then that will not completely address your problem. Structural problems should be corrected with boot alignment.

What Is Your Margherita Pizza?

So we can judge a pizzeria on how well they make a Margherita pizza, and a coffee shop on their espresso. What about your profession? I am wondering this myself. There are a lot of personal trainers out there, and a lot of gyms. Each has their own menu of offerings, and their own specialties. But what is that basic, simple, product or service or behaviour that we offer that really defines our performance?

On Canada’s new Exercise Guideline

The recommendations echo those of the World Health Organization (WHO), which states that “everyone should engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. More activity may be required for weight control.” [4] Similar, except it would seem Canadians get to take the weekend off.