I have posted many exercise videos on youtube and vimeo. Hopefully this index will help you to find ones you may be interested in, sorted by topic below:


Warm up and corrective exercises:

Ski dynamic warmup
Tennis dynamic warmup

3D Hamstring stretch
3-way mini-band hip and glute activation
Bird dog progression
Calf stretch
Crocodile breathing
Floor slides
Hip flexor stretch
Lat activation
Lat activation (elbows bent)
Lat activation (overhead)
Lateral squats
Leg swings
Open hip and thoracic spine mobility
Sidelying quad stretch
Shoulder packing
Shoulder packing with RNT
Single-leg hip flexion, extension and rotation
Single-leg Romanian deadlift
Single-leg Romanian deadlift to marching
Thoracic spine pushups
Wall marching hold
World’s greatest stretch
World’s greatest plus stretch

Core exercises:

Bird dog progression
Cable anti-rotation (Pallof) press
Foam roll core hold
Glute bridge
Half-kneeling cable chops
Half-kneeling cable lifts
Shoulder taps
Stability ball partial rollout
TRX core half-pendulum
TRX feet elevated side plank

Lower body exercises:

Barbell hip thrust
Goblet squat
Rear foot elevated split squat
Shoulder elevated hip lifts (single leg)
Single leg Romanian deadlift
Single leg squat
Trap bar deadlift
TRX Rear foot elevated split squat

Upper body exercises:

Bottom up KB bench press
Chin ups
Half-kneeling face pull
Inverted row progressions (squat cage)
Inverted row (TRX)
Partial pull ups (squat cage)
Partial pull ups (TRX)
Push ups Progression#1 (plank)
Push ups Progression#2 (incline)
Push ups Progression#3 (knees)
Push ups Progression#4 (knees elevated)
Push ups Progression#5 (negatives)
Push ups Progression#6 (singles)
Push ups (alternating medicine ball)
Push ups (alternating medicine ball, feet elevated)

Full body Conditioning circuits:

Conditioning circuit
Metabolic circuit
TRX metabolic circuit

Sustainable fat loss documentary clips

IndieGOGO campaign
IndieGOGO campaign – day 2 update

Karl: Nothing seems to work
Karl: What it feels like to be overweight

Shara: “Perceptions”
Shara: “Skinny girl trapped inside a big girl’y body”

Teaser trailer


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