Personal training in Ottawa:

You can book individual or team fitness services with Elsbeth. Individual strength training services are provided through Custom Strength in Hintonburg (just west of downtown Ottawa).

Custom Strength is currently offering a 30-day trial for only $200+HST!

It includes:
– A complete assessment with the Functional Movement Screen
– A custom training program
– 3 coached training sessions
Head to Custom Strength for details!

Want to get a peak at the new Custom Strength studio in Ottawa?


Team Training

Team strength and conditioning services can be provided anywhere. To learn more about team training, give me a call at (613) 862-1877 or contact me below.

The FMS is a system to determine your muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns. During the assessment, you will be screened and then your results will be discussed with you, and specific corrective exercises to improve your movement will be included in your program.  You will also get a pdf copy of the results, including exercise descriptions and images.

You can book me to come to a team practice and perform team FMS screens and corrective exercise prescription.

A recent NFL study showed that football players who scored 14 or less on the FMS were eleven times more likely to suffer a major injury during the season than those who scored higher.  Injuries due to imbalance are very preventable – provided you know about them.  Contact me to learn more about team injury prevention.

This package includes the team FMS, as well as a performance training program that will be created based on your sport, team ability level, and practice time. A performance training package will include:

  • Team dynamic warmup that includes
    • Sport-specific activation and mobility exercises
    • Corrective exercises that reflect FMS results from the majority of players on the team
    • Sprint form and cutting drills
    • Movement skills tailored to the sport
  • Body weight strength program that can be performed on-field or on-court without taking too much precious practice time
  • Speed, agility, quickness and power drills
  • Conditioning (tempo runs, high intensity interval training, tabatas, sport-specific agility circuits)
  • Team cool-down.

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