Training for skiing

You book a great week-long ski vacation somewhere out west. You can’t stop thinking about knee deep powder, and 3,000+ vertical feet, and runs that take half an hour to ski down. Then you start thinking about that, and you remember how bad your legs felt during your last ski vacation. The good thing is that there is a solution. Now the real question: what do you do to prepare for a ski trip – or for ski season for those that hit the slopes locally?

Lessons about low back pain (part 2)

This week’s post is a follow on to last week’s post with some basic information about low-back pain, covering some slightly different topics and getting into a bit more detail. The post will primarily address whether and how much we should bend, extend and rotate our backs.

Nutrient timing

Time Magazine recently published an article that concluded exercise doesn’t help with weight loss.  That’s’ not entirely true, but nor is it entirely false: When…