Training for skiing

Skier in the half pipe

Are you exhausted at the end of a day on the slopes? Sore back? Would love to ski the bumps all day but your body does not? Time for some ski fitness! My Alpine Ski-Specific Assessment and Program Design Package is what you need.

Do you have any video of your skiing? If so, bring it! You will then get a dual assessment: of your skiing and of your body movement (remember you’re getting assessed by a strength and conditioning specialist who is also a ski instructor).

Alpine Ski-Specific Assessment and Ski Fitness Program

This package includes a Functional Movement Screen, ski assessment (if you have the video), and a skier specific custom strength and conditioning program created based on your availability and needs.


Here’s how it works:

  • Book your assessment with me (using the contact form).
  • Bring a video clip of you skiing (USB key file or link to a youtube video).
  • We will watch the ski video together and discuss your goals, injury and sports history, and the time you can (want to) commit to training
  • You will go through a ski-specific assessment that includes the FMS and some additional functional tests that allow me to identify dysfunctional movement patterns and muscle imbalances that prevent you from skiing your best and can be contributing to skiing injuries.
  • Before your first training session, I will use all of the information we have just gathered to create a ski-specific strength and conditioning program customized for you. The program will include corrective exercises to specifically address your imbalances, as well as power, strength, conditioning and flexibility exercises to improve your skiing as well as your overall health.
  • During your first training session, you will receive your test results and we will discuss how it relates to your skiing.
  • You will get two more training sessions, and then you can decide whether to continue to train and progress with me, or whether to train on your own, or on your own with 1 to 2 sessions with me per month to ensure proper form and consider progressions.

Remember that your skis are only able to move the way your body is able to move.
Correct the body movement and the ski movement will follow.

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Training for golf

Skier in the half pipe

So, um, how’s that golf swing? If it’s not quite where you’d like it to be, a golf pro can definitely help. But here’s a thought: Maybe it’s not your swing; maybe it’s your body.

All of the activities that we have done in our past impact how we are able to move today. Sometimes we don’t even notice it. But the limitations are there. For people who don’t take part in any sports, it will probably be less noticeable. But for those of us who are asking more of our bodies – the truth comes out.

Most of us have some sort of movement restrictions by the time we become adults. Heck, many of us have them by the time we become teenagers! So what’s a golfer to do when his right hip won’t internally rotate? Probably sway or slide, or hang back. And if she isn’t able to do an overhead squat? Odds are good there is early extension in her swing.

Of course it makes sense that how well your body moves will impact how well your body can swing a golf club!

Interested in an assessment? Using the Titleist Performance Institute approach, I will assess how your body moves with a series of 13 tests, and then I will do a video assessment of your swing and correlate the two. I’ll send you home with a couple of corrective exercises to help with the body movement, and a report outlining the body and swing assessment results.

Interested in learning more about your swing and improving your movement? Email me using the contact form below!

Golf Movement and Swing Assessment Package

This package includes a Titleist Performance Institute Movement and swing assessment, along with two to four corrective exercises to address the biggest limitations. You will also get a report that shows the results, including still shots from the video assessment; and corrective exercise recommendations, including photos and descriptions of each.

For more information about a golf assessment and training package, send me an email using the form below. Group discounts available for foursomes.

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