I often get asked about good resources for training and nutrition, so decided to put together a list. In each case I have provided the title and author, a brief description, and a link to where you can purchase it, should you decide you are interested.

Note that many of the links to purchase these recommended products from this page (and within some blog posts) are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase these products from this link, that I earn a commission. I assure you that this does not impact on which products I choose to recommend. I recommend products that I think are great. Period. You will never, ever, ever, ever, see me recommend a product that I don’t believe in for the sake of affiliate income. I believe that my word and my advice is my most valuable asset, and I will never sully it in such a way. But I do not mind getting paid a few bucks now and then should you decide you want to purchase the products that I do recommend.


It even sounds cool. That’s the real reason I recommend it. Ok, not really. I recommend it because I love it. I’m usually of the opinion that there are a lot of good tools out there, and no one tool deserves special attention. But I think the TRX changes that. It is a very versatile tool. The two things I love most about it are:
  • It makes it easy to do pulling exercises away from a gym. It’s easy to do body weight pushes (pushups!), but pulls are harder to do without equipment. And for desk-sitters, they are more important.
  • It is great for travel – fits easily in your suitcase and now you don’t have to count on the hotel gym, which is usually poorly equipped.
And I love the many great core options it provides.
If you want a new piece of gym equipment for your home or for travel, pick up a TRX and you won’t be disappointed.
If you don’t have something solid overhead to attach it to, make sure you get the TRX Pro Pack with Door Anchor. The door anchor is necessary to use it in most home situations (follow the link and you’ll see what I mean), and in most hotels.

Training Books

Athletic Body in Balance
This Gray Cook book provides a great home-version of the functional movement screen along with recommendations for corrective exercises based on the outcome. It also provides additional recommendations for general training.

The Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body & Your Life
Mark Verstegen has had a huge influence on the way I train and the way I create programs. He is a revolutionary in terms of training for multi-directional sports, and his Core Performance approach is excellent in its ability to provide a complete training approach.

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning – 3rd Edition
This is a great resource for the true training geek. Chalk full of very detailed information about all facets of training. The only downside in my eyes is that it includes too many machine based exercises. Still, as the title implies, this book truly covers the essentials.

Functional Training for Sports
This Michael Boyle classic provides a wealth of great exercises and progressions for sports training.

The Naked Warrior
I purchased this book after hearing Dr. McGill talk about it during a seminar about “superstiffness” and pulsing training. Pavel’s approach to training is different from anything else I have ever read, but is intriguing and effective. He’s also hilarious, which makes his books enjoyable to read.

Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance
In my opinion Dr. McGill is “the guy” for low backs. I think many in the health field would agree. His research and clinical work are changing the way people train their backs. For a brief overview on the types of concepts you will see here, check out my second low-back articles.

Nutrition Books

Precision Nutrition
This is a great product by Dr. John Berardi that provides a specific nutrition approach – a system really. Truthfully John Berardi is one of two people I will listen to about nutrition.  The other is Beth Mansfield (www.peakperformance.on.ca), but she doesn’t sell her expertise as a great product that anyone can buy, although she hosts great workshops – see her website above for details.  I have been a Berardi fan for some time and finally had the pleasure of attending one of his seminars last year about post-injury nutrition. Amazing. In fact I believe in his approach so much that I wrote a whole article where I basically just reiterated what he had written in an article. He’s that good. So are his products.

The End of Overeating
I found this book fascinating. The general premise is that food with any 2 of fat, salty, sweet is something that we will knock down our own mothers to get. Not just us – animals too. A great read.

Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible
This is a great reference for anyone interested in knowing more about vitamins, minerals and supplements. It provides an A-Z listing with description of where it comes from, what it does, uses, typical doses, and side-effects. It also provides lists of ailments and conditions along with what vitamins, minerals and supplements can be helpful. A similar list is also included for various professions and lifestyles that can lead to deficiencies.

Eating Well For Optimum Health: The Essential Guide to Bringing Health and Pleasure Back to Eating
Dr. Weill is one of my favourite nutrition writers. I like his moderation approach combined with his thought process on omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid imbalance and how that is one of the culprits in our current obesity epidemic.

Physiology and Rehabilitation Books

Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists
This is a great book for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how the body works. The book is about the myofascial connections in the body, which Myers refers to as “trains”.

Low Back Disorders, Second Edition
In my opinion Dr. McGill is “the guy” for low backs. I think many in the health field would agree. His research and clinical work are changing the way a lot of people deal with low-back problems. For a brief overview on the types of concepts you will see here, check out my first low-back articles . Like the title implies, this book addresses assessing and treating low back disorders.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes
This book is intended as a physical therapy textbook, but is also a great resource for strength coaches and personal trainers.

Strength Training Anatomy – 2nd Edition
This is basically a picture book of training. It provides physiological drawings that show the muscles involved in various exercises. I would have preferred if it included fewer machine-based exercises, but still feel the understanding gained from the images is still very beneficial.

Skiing Books

Ski North America: The Ultimate Travel Guide
Okay, I had to put this in because I can’t get enough of this book. Every time I start thinking about taking a ski vacation, I pull this out. It includes 40 ski destination resorts in North America, and for each, lists important details like vertical feet, snowfall and percent expert terrain; and a few less important details like distance to closest airports, accommodations and lift ticket prices. The listing for Canada is unfortunately a bit light, but still a great resource.