Not enough cooks in the kitchen

I’m not sure when I made the discovery that truly delicious (but still nutritious) food can actually made with little effort and little time. But it’s something that can’t be unlearned. And so now I cook delicious and nutritious meals often; but I am far from a slave to the kitchen. In fact most of the meals shown in the photos scattered throughout this article took about 30 minutes to make.

Healthy eating is about choices

In this case, the 420 calories is what’s not to like! Yikes! I put the cookie down (after taking a picture naturally!) and contemplated the protein bar. In the end, I decided to skip the snack and tough it out until lunch. But I couldn’t stop thinking about this ridiculously caloric cookie.

My Precision Nutrition Journal: Dear Cottage Cheese,

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I’m enjoying most of the meals I’m eating. They’re tasty, they’re filling, they’re healthy, and they are easy to make. No matter what I do long term, some of these meals will continue to be regulars. So far I think the coconut chicken and pecan-crusted snapper are my favourites, in addition to the broccoli with lemon vinaigrette. And of course the avocado and tomato salad. Mmm…

Just Say No to Your Cravings…Sometimes

The reason we’re failing in weight loss is so very simple. It’s not the program; it’s us. We don’t know how to say No to ourselves. The food manufacturers make it hard for us, but ultimately, we have 100% control and responsibility for what we put in our mouths.