Is your (lack of) scapular stability cheating your thoracic mobility?

This morning, as part of this whole scapular stability/thoracic mobility project I’m working on, I noticed something interesting: I’ve been cheating the quadruped rotation exercise. The picture on the left is of me at the top end of my left side rotation range of motion, and the picture on the right is of me at the top end of my left side rotation range of motion after setting my scapulae.

Better Back Pack Posture?

After I noticed my posture, I moved the pack to my front for the remainder of the walk home. It only took a few seconds before I felt taller. I could actually feel my back muscles working to stabilize me. When I lost my posture and started to let my shoulders round, the back pack became a bit loose and was awkward to wear, which immediately made me shift my shoulders back. Amazing.

It’s the small stuff

The way we stand, sit, walk, sleep, watch tv, and drive all impact our bodies. We all have habits that we do every day. Many of them seem to be so minute, and yet we do them so much that in fact we do them in huge volumes. That adds up and can have a big impact on our ability to move well. Do you know what yours are?