The last words on Sodium, Soup and Health Check

In short, I was driven to correspond with both Heinz and the Heart & Stroke Foundation (who run the Health Check program) after being shocked at the high sodium content of Smart Ones soup. This lead me to identify reporting irregularities in nutrition information posted online. I have received correspondence from both parties that do address this issue. I’ve included copies of both letters below. And for those who are in a hurry, here’s the tweet-sized version:

More on Sodium in Soup and Health Check (TM)

I was actually impressed at this answer. It is real and it provides an answer, unlike the collection of words with no collective meaning that I originally received back from Heinz. I was in the process of writing a thank you letter back, when I decided to do a little more checking. Mainly I was curious about how successful their audit process was. Were there other non-compliances, or did I just happen to find the one delinquent? Here’s the letter that I just sent back to the H&S Foundation that summarizes my approach and findings: