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My Favourite Training Tools #8 – Agility Ladder

This might seem like a strange item to include in my top 10 list, because it is probably not considered an essential tool by many. So why is it on my list? Because it is fun. And because anyone can do it. And most people should do it. But most people don’t do it.

I had an epiphany recently. My programs might be a little too serious. I’m a big geek. Some of you may not realize that before I became a trainer, I was an engineer. So being a geek is kind of part of the package. And when I put together fitness programs for clients, I look at it as though I’m designing a system. That means attention to every detail. Literally every element of every program has a raison d’etre. That probably doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But what is one of the common threads I hear from reluctant trainees? “It should be fun”. I think all of my programs are fun, of course. I mean come on – half-kneeling chops and lifts! Squats and deadlifts! Fun, fun, fun and fun. Intervals?
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My Favourite Training Tools #5 – Suspension Trainer

Here’s the start of the top 5 in my blog-series: My Favourite Training Tools (For my American readers, please excuse the ‘u’ in favourite. It’s a Canadian thing).

Suspension trainers. This post was previously published with the TRX listed at #5, which is a great tool, but I have recently had the chance to try out a competing brand which made me change the post from a specific brand of suspension trainer (the TRX) to being about the suspension trainer. Whether you have a TRX or a WOSS trainer or a Jungle Gym makes ono difference to me. Just make sure you have one.

TRX Rear foot elevated split squat

The suspension trainer makes this list primarily for its versatility. You can use it for virtually any movement you would want to do in the gym. They are a particularly great option for inverted rows, rear foot elevated split squats, side plank variations, plank variations, leg curls, pushup variations, hip lifts.
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