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More Exercise Progressions: TRX Half Pendulum

When I first saw a video of someone doing a pendulum with a TRX, I thought it looked
Amazing but also very challenging. Here is a video from Experiencelifemag.com showing what it looks like:

Right away I wondered how someone who didn’t’ already have a strong core would do it. For some reason I think this way a lot. Maybe I’m going to my engineering roots here; trying to re-engineer exercises. There was the stability ball roll-out progression, the new approach to pullup progressions, and a look at pushups, including progressions that I did in an article with Bret Contreras (I’ll post once the article gets published). Whatever the reason, I like progressions!

But I digress – back to the story line…I didn’t really think further about the TRX pendulum until yesterday when it hit me: Start with a half-pendulum. Continue reading More Exercise Progressions: TRX Half Pendulum

Use the TRX to Work Your Way up to Pullups

Raise your hand if you’ve seen people do pullups and thought “pft – what a stupid exercise; nobody wants to be able to do that.” Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? (If you don’t know this reference, then it’s time to catch up on your 80s pop culture movies. Or time to say “wow, she’s old”. Either or.).

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My Favourite Training Tools #5 – Suspension Trainer

Here’s the start of the top 5 in my blog-series: My Favourite Training Tools (For my American readers, please excuse the ‘u’ in favourite. It’s a Canadian thing).

Suspension trainers. This post was previously published with the TRX listed at #5, which is a great tool, but I have recently had the chance to try out a competing brand which made me change the post from a specific brand of suspension trainer (the TRX) to being about the suspension trainer. Whether you have a TRX or a WOSS trainer or a Jungle Gym makes ono difference to me. Just make sure you have one.

TRX Rear foot elevated split squat

The suspension trainer makes this list primarily for its versatility. You can use it for virtually any movement you would want to do in the gym. They are a particularly great option for inverted rows, rear foot elevated split squats, side plank variations, plank variations, leg curls, pushup variations, hip lifts.
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