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I have the perfect body (for me)

I just realized this week that I have the perfect body. It was an a-ha moment that followed a long period of small but important realizations. When I was a kid and through being a teenager, I was a bit chubby. Or at least I always perceived myself that way. I think clinically I would probably have been in the early stages of ‘overweight’. It certainly didn’t slow me down! I played and loved every sport I could, and I was good at them. But I occasionally got a comment from another kid about being fat. That sucked, but thankfully it was infrequent. Fast forward to my early 30s, and I was doing some renovations on a house I had just bought. Somehow in a short period, I had gained 10 pounds. Gaining that weight made me say “That’s it! No more!” And so I made changes. I changed my eating habits, and I changed the way I workout, and over one winter, I lost 25 pounds while gaining muscle. It was surprisingly not that hard. Friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a while were quite surprised at the change.
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