I constantly get asked if I can recommend a trainer in [insert city name], and for months have talked about creating a repository. Finally I am doing so.

Criteria to get on this list:
1. I must be confident that the trainer is…a great trainer and a good person.

That’s it.

As I add to the table, I’ll aim to order it with some geographic meaning.

Trainers I recommend
Name City Prov/State Country website
Tim Vagen Seattle WA USA http://www.unlimitedathlete.com/
Frank Baumholtz McMinnville OR USA http://mvp-performancetraining.blogspot.ca/

How am I confident these trainers are great?

In some cases, I know them – I have a fantastic network of great trainers from around the globe. Many of whom I have met through strengthcoach.com, which is a fantastic resource for anyone who is, or wishes to be, a great trainer. Great articles and great discussions about all things training.

In other cases, I haven’t met them, but they have impressed me with videos and/or blog posts, other trainers in whom I have very high regard have recommended them, or they have convinced me through discussions that they know their stuff. One of my favourite questions to ask other trainers is “who are the 3 trainers who have influenced your career the most?” I’m sure some would say I put too much value in that question. Maybe. But sometimes you have to decide what is important. To me, understanding whose training approach a trainer values is telling.

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