Skiing and knee injuries: can you train for them?

The following video is a clip from a presentation I gave at the Ottawa Ski Show two years ago about training for skiing. I’ll be sharing a few more clips on topics related to training for skiing over the next few weeks. Each one is less than 5 minutes (I think – or close to), and covers a topic related to skiing and training.

Ski trip musings

There is a magical feeling that comes from expressing our physical abilities in the presence of Mother Nature. Take a look at the faces of the people you see at a ski resort, or on a hiking trail, or climbing. There’s a reason everyone looks happy.

The truth about sport-specific training

How is this possible? If you think about what each sport requires, it should become pretty self-evident. Do you have a sport that you play? Start thinking about what you need from your body to be able to do it. Now read the training description below and consider whether it adequately describes the needs for your sport:

Strong rotary core muscles to control movement and transfer energy between your upper and lower body.
The ability to balance and express power with each leg.
The ability to push, pull, and stabilize yourself or an external object with your arms.
Mobility in the ankles, hips, and upper back/shoulders.
Work capacity (stamina) to be able to perform these tasks repeatedly.

The FMS results I have seen and what they mean

I compiled the FMS results for all of the people above, and tied it to their gender, and whether they are athletes. I have the FMS results tied to age as well, but have not yet done that evaluation (who’s kidding who – I’m going to do it tomorrow now that I think of it). For those not familiar with the FMS, it is a set of 7 movements that trainers and therapists use to identify weakness or imbalances in the body that can help guide how we train people. Out of the 7 tests, we look for the two tests that cause the most difficulty or have the biggest difference from left to right, and put appropriate corrective exercises in the programs we create for these clients.